Welcome to CreatePlanProsper.com by Sara Eatherton-Goff

Hello! Welcome to Create.Plan.Prosper.

If you're anything like me, you wound up here because you simply want more out of life.

You're tired of the "hustle and bustle" and realize that there's a better way to live—a way that has all the essentials to a productive life, but one that also leaves you with time and room for personal growth, too.

If you're ready to stop the endless running around in unproductive circles and, instead, create a simpler life[style] that allows you to:

  • feel more satisfaction from less
  • become a more organized person
  • learn to plan effectively (and in a fun and interesting way that bodes results)

Then you've found yourself in the right place.

CPP was created to help you become more organized, prepared, and capable of doing more of the things you want to do.

Although CPP is in it's early stages, it's packed to the gills with passion and experience eagerly waiting in line to be presented.

My "enlightenment" came after I was writhing in lower abdominal pain for a couple years. It finally dawned on me that I was living like I wanted to die young and taking my three beautiful daughters down with me.

We get busy.

Then one day you wake up, [fat and] depressed and uncomfortable and take a good hard look at the path that's gotten you to where you are, and you're fed up.

That's where a vital decision presents itself.

You either decide to change things (and stick with the change), or you roll over and hit snooze on progress for the ump-teenth time.

I got "lucky". 

Just as I was giving up hope on an answer to my constant ailments, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease—the severe gluten allergy.

How can never being able to eat conveniently again make me lucky? 

Well, I'm a stubborn ass. I knew the Burger King run a couple times a week (because I forgot to eat breakfast) wasn't a good idea, but I still did it.

I'd wind up curling over with agonizing stabs to my insides, but I still kept doing it. 

How stubborn can you be?

(Granted, I didn't know it was the food that was killing me...)

Once the Celiac Disease label was slapped on it, everything came into perspective. My enlarged liver and spleen—the last ditch effort for my 25-year malnourished body to tell me to fix my health—now, finally, had a chance at reversal.

But it didn't end there.

Sure, you cut out the core problem, but what about everything else?

My lifestyle was terrible.

I looked at everything I was doing—how I was working, parenting, spousing—and decided it was time to not only cleanse my diet and lifestyle, but cleanse my mind, too.

Things that I loved the idea of but never did because "they took too much of my profitable time away", I started doing again.

Like writing and drawing and doodling and getting into bullet journaling—customizing your planner to your exact needs? Yes, please!

Then came the total removal of dairy and processed foods (consumed regularly)—that was hard but no regrets.

And now, here I am, literally saved from a walk with Death and doing what I want to do for the first time in my adult life.

Create.Plan.Prosper. was created to help you, too, do more of what you want to do. (Hopefully without all the negative dying-type stuff, though.)

Thanks for reading!



Mom | Writer | Artist | Entrepreneur

  • Most professional work and projects are over on GoffCreative.com
  • Writer for 18-ish years and an entrepreneur for going on 14 years now
  • Productivity expert and mompreneur educator
  • Mom to 3 young girls and wife to a stud-ly software engineer

On the surface, that's me in a nutshell.

But this isn't an online resumé so I'll cut the formalities and just break it down simple:

I love my family, independence, flexibility, and writing.

I fell out of love with the direction my business (now serving as an online resource) was going in. 

I found my only motivation to continue was writing emails to my subscribers. The stories, those were the parts that kept me interested and kept me going.

After realizing that, yet again, I took the "write for your audience" bit of advice too literally, I decided to stop.

Instead of repurposing Goff Creative like I'd done a couple times before, I decided to leave it be this time.

(I'll contribute new content every once in a while, but for now it's just a continuing resource of evergreen blog posts, courses, and email sequences.)

Now I'm journeying forward to see how a business coach and copywriter with a passion and background in creative writing can make it online as a lifestyle blogger.

This is a semi-crazy experiment that I'm beyond excited about. And it all starts here.

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—Sara, xoxo
In The Works

Right now? Glad you asked.

I'm currently working on building up this site and crafting short stories to be published online and off. You can catch some of my personal writing and short stories on Medium, and keep up with Create.Plan.Prosper.'s journey and simple planning and living content, subscribe below.