Healing Is An Art Best Served

Something I learned as a visual artist and writer is that some of the best healing comes from expression. 

Once a month I sit in my bedroom and dredge up pain. 

Anything and everything harmful that's holding me back in whatever I want to do. I let it out. 

It's that hard cry that leaves my face swollen, my eyes bloodshot with a few burst blood vessels, and my heart aching. But, I get it all out.

Sometimes I'll write it out and the tears well as the prose grows darker and angrier and poor sentence formatting. But it doesn't matter. 

I'm healing.

There's no right way to do it. But it has to get done.

I have to feel every ounce of agony that haunts me.

This activity is something I've grown to enjoy. It's something I look forward to.

It's something that makes me feel good and normal, even if just for a day.

It's something I have to do for me to move forward.

But now, I've started writing again. Writing more than just business blurbs and blog posts and emails. This is writing from the soul this time.

The reflection has re-opened some wounds I thought were dredged and healed. But they weren't. 

Is it possible to ever really heal from all the disgusting things life throws at you? Is it possible to just get through one day without some sort of emotional woe?

I'm not sure yet.

Most days before that designated Emotional Flush, I think the days just went by on autopilot.

But feeling again, truly feeling is painful.

Painful but practical. 

Painful but promising.

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