Blood Day

What could it be?

"You got some sun, huh, Hun?" the phlebotomist said as I sat down in the firm chair with high armrests, high even for someone who sits tall but stands in about average.

I asked her if any of the blood tests ordered by my doctor might be able to answer this—the skin thing. Looking like you spent all day baking in the sun but then had a skin reaction and broke out in hives and splotchy, random patches of burst capillaries.

"That happens in the sun?"

"Sun, shade but being outside, stress…" I stopped.

"Oh, Honey. I can't imagine."

I hear that a lot.

"I'm not sure," she said, about the blood tests revealing anything skin-related. 

"Okay. It was worth asking. Just don't know how often I'll have to keep getting blood tests done at this rate."

My gastroenterologist ordered this round, so it probably wouldn't cover the skin thing, but it was worth asking the woman who's business is blood.

"I've never seen anything like that," she said, bringing her face down close to my forearm. "Wow. Good luck with all that, Dear."

Two pokes and fourteen vials later, it was done. 

Next, the Endoscopy on Friday. Everything's going to be fine.

Then the Colonoscopy next Tuesday. It's going to be okay.

I'm ready for answers now. Well, I'm ready to not be "sick" anymore. If that means answers then so be it.

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