You Can Pick Your Friends

The bad thing about family is you can never escape the past.

They remember everything.  

They remember how you used to tell stories as a kid.  

Creative and immaculate little lies that blossomed and sometimes snowballed into friendship-wrecking avalanches.  

You grow and you move past it. But your family never forgets.  

Some families grow with you. Some let you spread your metaphorical wings and fly far beyond the bullshit that weighed down your soul for decades.  

But other families revel in it. Some families take the silver-plated spoon that fed you as a child and use it to shove the past back down your throat.

Some families never let you forget that overtly creative kid all those years ago.

Like the child you were then defines the adult you are now.

But what you did forget is that you were smart. You are smart. And you're smarter than them and even more so now.  

Now you see their callous words as weapons of the weak.

It's all they have left. Your arsenal, however, is filled to the brim with imagination and hope for the future.

Because you'll always be better.



That inspired mind only got better with age. And unlike them, you'll use it for good.

Unlike them, you'll make something of it.

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