Life, musings, and my journey from zero to published.

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Welcome. I'm Sara.

And this is LifeViaSara, a blog based around my life of being a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur.

It's been twelve years since I've written creatively (and not just for business), so I'm seeing how far a rusty writer can stretch herself to go from "zero to published" before the end of 2017.

I'm writing about my journey from start to continuing growth with random life quips sprinkled in to amuse you, maybe make you cry, and probably make you realize that, in fact, you are not crazy.

(You're probably just as disoriented as I am.)

Join me on the journey from zero to published.

I'm writing about everything along the way and I'd love it if you came along. [ It's free ]

100% privacy guaranteed. No bullshit. (I hate that stuff.)

And while you wait on that welcome email, here are some recent musings on the blog.

For some reason, I'm not holding back anymore... Take a read and see for yourself.

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